Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Everything in Moderation - EVERYTHING!

“Chrissy, why you sleep so late?”

These are the words my friend heard every morning from the cabin steward on the cruise ship. Is my friend lazy?

Sometimes I can’t get my son to get out of bed. He actually wants to stay in bed much of the day (not even sleeping). Is my son lazy?

The answer I have decided is No – and Yes. And I have decided that it is okay – or can be okay. I guess the real question is – how long will this go on? Is this an everyday behavior or is this a today behavior. Another important question might be – is there anything that you must be doing today, but you are choosing to do this instead? Notice I didn’t say “could be doing” today, and I didn’t even say “should be doing” today. If there is nothing immediately due or truly compelling to be done at this moment I say – why not stay in bed all day or sleep so late?

Here’s one of the platitudes I incorporate in my life, which may sound very familiar to you, except for the new ending: Everything in moderation – including moderation.
If you’re truly living the life of EVERYTHING in moderation, you must put moderation in your moderation mix as well.

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