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Do you have a personal Vision?  If so, are you living it?
Are you achieving your goals?  Are you reaching your full potential?

Or do you feel stagnant in your progression?  Do you feel stuck?  Are you in a rut?  Do you feel as though you're not moving forward toward your goals, visions and dreams as quickly or effectively as you want?

Let the Quantum Vision guide you to success.  Vision Coach David Russell has developed a philosophy, strategy and program to help you do just that.

Spend an afternoon experiencing the birth, rebirth, or resurgence of your vision.  Your vision for your life, your career, your relationships, your dreams - or maybe you have a vision for a specific goal, project or desire.

Through years of experience performing and teaching improvisation, Mr. Russell has developed a unique system to help improvisers build scenes from nothing - quickly and successfully moving forward in dynamic fashion.

Turns out moving forward and overcoming obstacles which keep you from success is not unique to improvisers.  David's Quantum Improv program has blossomed into a system of thinking, acting and living that can help anyone and everyone unleash their potential and reach their goals faster, more efficiently and more consistently - the Quantum Vision

Using a science model ( one you'll remember from high school) as a blueprint and combining it with techniques of relaxation, imagination and empowerment that allow improvisers to be successful, you'll be on your way to realizing your dreams in no time.

In this 4 hour session, you'll:
Globe Bullett  Create, Define or Refine your Personal Vision.
Globe Bullett  Recognize the Values that drive you.
Globe Bullett  Recognize dynamics, practices and habits that inhibit you from moving forward
Globe Bullett  Identify and Develop actions which will promote forward progression toward your vision.
Globe Bullett  You will learn the skills you need move from the potential you hold to actions that will result in the future you envision.

The Quantum Vision Workshop provides a key.  You provide the door.

No Quantum Vision Workshops are scheduled at this time. Please check back for workshop information.

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