Friday, January 17, 2014

3 Steps to a Killer Presentation

I was talking today with a client about presentations and presentation skills and centered on 3 wonderful keys that will lead to a successful presentation.  See if any of these might help you.  You need to think about 1) Content; 2) Physical Presence; and 3) Energy Management

Other words that apply here: story, message, topic, theme.  Obviously you must know what it is you're speaking about.  You must be knowledgeable about your topic.  If your presentation is based on an experience you've had you've got this in the bag.  Easy peasy.  If it's a story about someone else or something not directly involving you make sure you've done your research and your due diligence as far as fact checking.  There's nothing worse than a heckler interrupting with a question or comment concerning wrong information.  If it is a topic you're passionate about that's a huge plus.  Your passion will speak volumes.  If the topic is technical in nature, your passion about the subject matter could make or break the success of your presentation, especially if you are presenting to a non-technical audience.  Perhaps you've been assigned material to present that you are not passionate about or even super familiar with. Fear not!  You can still be successful if you incorporate the other keys noted.  Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to understand as much about your topic as possible.  Get out there and get to know your topic, as best you can.  But limitations on your knowledge base or accompanying information does not have to spell certain disaster.  You can still disseminate important or relevant information without boring your audience to death.

Next Post: Physical Presence [the second key to a killer presentation]

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