Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Impossible is NOT a Word eBook Now Available

It's finally here. The eBook version(s) of "Impossible is NOT a Word" is now available on both (for Kindle and .mobi) as well as through the iTunes store (for iPad, iPhone, iBooks).
Now you can have your book with you wherever you go which is actually much better because you are sure to want to use it as a continued reference for the Quantum Vision program. All the wonderful worksheets are included graphically in the eBook with links and resources for you to be able to print out your own versions of the forms and list templates to help guide you through your work to bring your exciting dreams and visions to life.

Click Here to go to

For iPad, iPhone and iBooks versions go to iTunes and search
"Impossible is NOT a Word."

I also hope you will consider offering your review of the book for future readers.

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